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Renmin University of China(RUC,also known as the People's University of China) is a national key comprehensive re-search-orientated university emphasizing the humanities and social sciences and is also one of the first group  of  universities  admitted  to “Project 211”The RUC was former1y known as Shanbei Public School,established in 1937 during the resistance war against Japanese aggression.  The University was formally established with the foundation of Huabei University on October 3,1950,which made it the first university to be established by the newly founded People's Republic of China


Since its establishment, RUC students and teachers have always endeavored to carry out its redoubtable injunction to “unceasingly strive to be always in the vanguard" .The RUC shares a common fate with the Party and the nation. Through prudence,dedicated effort, active and practical exploration,the RUC has become an important teaching and research base in the areas of the humanities,social sciences,and management science in China. Owing to its efforts in spreading and popularizing Mancism in China,for its achievements in developing philosophy and the social sciences in China,and on account of its indispensable contributions to the cause of socialist construction and reform,the RUC is regarded as "A Standard in the Humanities and Social Sciences in China's Higher Education Sector".

With undergraduate education as the base and an emphasis on postgraduate education,supplemented by adult education courses and online learning,the RUC has formed a multi-dimensional structure and multilevel system in education and research. The RUC has a Graduate School which is responsible for the administration of postgraduate students,and RUC now comprises 23 schools of different disciplines. The RUC also has a School of Continuing Education,a School of Education and Training,and the Shenzhen Research Institute. The quality of postgraduate research is witnessed in the sixteen doctoral degree dissertations that have been awarded outstanding prizes in nationwide evaluations of Ph. D dissertations. The RUC is now authorized to offer bachelor's degrees in sixty-one areas,and double degree in eight areas. The RUC has 144 Masters programs and 99 Ph. D. programs with 14 doctorate programs in first-level disciplines and 14 post-doctorate stations.

At present,the RUC has a large group of well-known leading scholars who are highly regarded both in China and overseas. A highly qualified and well structured teaching and research body has been formed. The RUC has a staff of 1 671 which includes 499 professors and 636 associate professors. In addition,106 well-known intellectuals and scientists from various fields in China have contributed to the teaching and research at the RUC as honorary professors,resident professors,or parttime professors. The RUC has the top ranking in terms of the number of scholars who have gained official recognition from both the national and Beijing municipal governments. There are 388 recipients of special subsidies from the central government, 15 experts with outstanding contributions at the national level and 3 special professors of“ Cheungkong Scholars Program".
中国人民大学拥有一大批国内外受到尊重的知名学者,专业性强、结构合理的教研队伍已经构成。现有专任教师I 671人,其中,教授499人、副教授636人。此外,聘请了106位国内各界知名人士担任学校的名誉教授、客座教授和兼职教授,为学校的科研建设做出了贡献。人大拥有的获国家及北京市荣誉称号的著名学者数居全国高校前列,其中,388人享受国务院颁发的“政府特殊津贴”;15人荣获国家“有突出贡献的中青年专家”的称号:3人为长江学者”特聘教授。

The RUC has a strong faculty. Renowned scholars of past generations strove to pave a solid foundation for the construction and development of disciplines,in education and training,and for furthering research.  These scholars include Wu Yuzhang,Cheng Fangwu,Fan Wenlan,Ai Siqi,He Sijing,He Ganzhi,He Luo,Hu Hua,Shang Yue,Wu Jingchao,Li Jinghan,An Gang,Shi Jun,Miao Langshan,Li Xiulin,Xu He,Han Feng,Xu Mengxiong,Meng Yang,Tong Rou,Dai Shiguang,Liu Zheng,Zha Ruichuan,and Miao Litian.

At present,the RUC has an enrollment of 20 049 students,which breaks down into 9 947 undergraduate students,5 921 postgraduate students for master's degree,3025 postgraduate students for doctor's degree, and 1 156 foreign students.The ratio of postgraduates to undergraduates is the highest of all the research-orientated comprehensive universities in China. In addition,the RUC also has an enrollment of 10 000 in adult education leading to a Bachelor's degree.,about 80 percent of whom are doing courses
中国人民大学目前有全日制在校生20 049人,其中普通本科生9947人、硕士研究生5921人、博士研究生3 025人、外国留学生1156人、研究生对本科生比列全国研究型综合性大学第一。此外,中国人民大学还有10000名成人教育生,其中约80%在攻读不同专业的学士学位。

The RUC also functions as cations in the humanities and advanced facilities and has a resource center for data,information,and publisocial sciences in China. collection of 2. 5 million The University Library has books(including 400 000 thread-bound classical books) and 150 040 electronic resources. The CALIS Informotion Center in Social Sciences and Humanities,which was established by the Ministry of Education,is located within the University Library. The China Renda Social Sciences Information Center is an authoritative institution that collects,categorizes,stores,and publicizes publications in the humanities,social sciences,economics,and management studies. The Annual Newspaper Data Reference edited and published by the China Renda Social Sciences Information Center is one of the four major document retrieving indexes in China. The RUC Press was the first universify publishing house established after the founding of the People's Republic of China,and is an important academic publishing house for university textbooks,as well as for academic and theoretical works in the humanities and social sciences.
该校是我国重要的人文社会科学资料中心、信息中心和图书出版中心。学校图书馆设施先进,馆内藏书250万册(包括线装古籍40余万册),电子图书15. 04万种,并设有“教育部文科文献信息中心”。中国人民大学书报资料中心是我国收集、整理、存储、发布人文社会科学信息资源的权威机构,公开出版发行人文社会科学领域六大系列、148种学术出版物,编辑的年度报刊资料索引是中国四大文献检索索引之一。中国人民大学出版社是新中国成立以后建立的第一家大学出版社,是我国高等学校文科教材和人文社会科学学术、理论著作的重要出版基地。

The RUC's education standard is to cultivate and produce“outstanding exemplars for the nation and the backbone of society".Giving full play to the advantages conferred by having the largest number of branches of learning in the humanities and social sciences,and augmenting that with the RUC's overall high standard in these fields,the RUC has produced a large body of talented personnel in the theoretical,practical,and managerial worlds,in order to promote China's economic construction and social development.  Since 1937,the university has turned out 200 000 high-level talented personnel in various fields who have become well known in their fields of work, and who individually and collectively have made a great contribution to the development and progress of the country.


As an important research institution in the humanities and social sciences in China,the RUC is playing an active role in research into major issues in politics,economics,and social studies. The role the RUC has played,and the contributions the RUC has made,have provided a strong theoretical underpinning and enthusiastic intellectual support for China's economic construction and social development.Between 2000 and 2004 the RUC has received 118 provincial and ministerial level research awards,137 competitive projects from the National Social Sciences Foundation,and 175 humanities and social science projects from the Ministry of Education.Altogether, the RUC has won a total of 2 600 projects at different levels in different fields. The total amount of these research grants has reached 240 million yuan. In terms of the number of projects and the total amount of funds,the RUC is placed first among all universities in the areas of humanities and social sciences in China.


The RUC is a platform for academic and cultural exchanges between China and the world. The RUC has established academic exchange relationships with 140 universities from 37 countries and regions in the world. The RUC has purchased the copyright to a large number of international books and has translated and published these books in order to meet the demands brought about through the reform and opening up process in China. A series of important collaborative projects have come into being at the RUC,and the RUC has hosted or organized a series of highlevel international conferences on campus. Some internationally recognized scholars have been awarded the title of honorary professor by the RUC.

At present,staff members and students of the RUC are holding high the stand and that“Development is the paramount principle”,striving to emancipate the mind,to seek truth from facts .to maintain our position at the forefront of knowledge,to creatively forge ahead with full force to build a world-renowned university that is approved by and satisfies the people.

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