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国内新闻 2013-11-07

2013-11-11    来源:CRI    【      美国外教 在线口语培训

Today" is CRI's first news magazine show. With in-depth panel discussions on domestic and global news and current affairs, Today gives you the story behind the headlines. Our expert guests share their views and debate the issues - a locally produced program with a distinctly international flavor.  

主题新闻 (主题新闻后的嘉宾讨论为泛听,不提供文本)

You're listening to Today, I'm Xu Qinduo with Paul James in the Global Talk.
Bringing us the news in China is Zhou Jingnan.

N China explosions caused by self-made bombs

Police in Shanxi have confirmed the explosions outside the provincial office of the Communist Party of China on Wednesday were the result of home-made bombs.
A series of coordinated explosions hit outside the CPC's provincial office in the capital Taiyuan, leaving one person dead and 8 others injured.
Police have recovered steel beads and circuit boards at the scene.
So far authorities have not offered any possible motives for the attack.

Roadmap of Reform: Economy

The upcoming third plenary session will see the 18th CPC Central Committee work on deepening reforms to the vast nation.
Experts expect the meeting to focus on major reform of the economic system.
Cao Yuwei has more.
The Chinese economy has on average been increasing by nearly 10-percent yearly since its reform and opening up nearly 35 years ago.
President Xi Jinping has been urging for consistent reform and opening up, saying "the gate should never be closed."
For a macro perspective on this weekend's plenum, Klaus Rohland, the World Bank's Country Director for China spoke about his expectations on the direction of economic reform.
"We believe the shift from a strategy that focuses on the quantity of growth, the percentage of growth rates, to quality of growth, to make sure that growth benefits all the people of China alike. As you change the maybe winners and losers, people who benefit from the change and people who have to give up something, and to get this balance right between two or three groups will be crucial for the reform to succeed. "
Meanwhile, Yin Xingmin is the deputy director of the Center for Economic Research China, a think tank for China's State Council. He says the monopolized position of some key industries and over regulation from the government has restricted economic development.
He adds these problems are leading to unfairness in market competition.
"Some sectors, based on state-owned enterprises, they got well and special preference from the government agencies. It is unfair for private sectors in some industries fields, such as infrastructure sectors and financial sectors."
Yin points out the market is not playing an effective role in locating resources through basic mechanisms, since private capitals are highly restricted in some sectors including financing, banking and security.
He says more could be done to encourage fair competition and further open up the market.
"The first one is how to reduce the scope of monopoly in economic fields, and the second one, to speed up the opening up policies for overseas enterprises, and also the third one to open the market for small and medium-sized enterprises to enter into the business sectors."
Experts expect the economic reform could also cover areas such as income distribution, taxation, welfare system, and land reform.
The roadmap of China's reform is usually laid out by the central committee during third plenary sessions, which happens every five years.
This year's plenum will be held in Beijing starting this Saturday.
That was Cao Yuwei with the report.

Schools to be Closed for Air Pollution
空气重污染 学校可停课

China may adopt new measures to protect citizens from the country's noxious smog problem.
A policy statement by the Ministry of Environmental Protection says on high air pollution days, large-scale outdoor activities should be stopped.
It suggests schools suspend classes and companies and organizations adopt flexible working hours.
The circular also points out the smog has caused a severe impact on public health, especially when coal-fired heating in winter results in high emissions of pollutants.

Chinese sports circle debates how to manage young super stars
孙杨撞车 撞出一串“问号”

Amid the legal troubles for Chinese Olympian Sun Yang, debate has been heating up in China over the professional management of star athletes.
Xie Zhao has more.
Sun Yang has been sentenced to a week in detention and fined 2-thousand yuan, or some 3-hundred US dollars, for driving without a license in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province last week.
Zhang Yadong, vice president with Zhengjiang College of Sports where Sun Yang studies, says the police assumed Sun Yang had a driver's license because he is the brand ambassador for a South Korean car company.
"He made a car advertisement on TV. So the traffic policeman believed he had a license. After looking into the system, the policeman discovered Sun does not have a license at all."
The issue has triggered a heated debate as to how to manage star athletes.
On top of the driving accident, Sun has also been suspended from all commercial activities for breaching a "series of team rules" in February.
Wu Han, vice editor-in-Chief with TiTan Sports, says the star athletes' great achievements can often mask the loopholes of sports management system.
"Some problems occur when the traditional professional management model contradicts the current sports professionalism trend. In the past, the athletes' achievements were considered as a simple evaluation standard in the traditional management model. When the athletes have good achievements, they can make a compromise with the management model."
Yang Ming, a sports reporter at Xinhua News Agency says Sun Yang needs a management team just as China's famous athlete Liu Xiang has one, to support him.
"Sun Yang can be compared with Liu Xiang as both swimming and track and field are big athletics games. Liu can garner support from a management team authorized by the Chinese Athletic Association. Though they are not as professional as world-class teams, it still works for Liu Xiang."
Wu Han adds China's tennis Ace Li Na also has her own management team.
"Li Na, she should self-discipline as an international professional player on one hand. On the other, she has her own team to manage her. At the beginning of this year, Li got involved in a verbal dispute with a reporter when the French Open was underway. Afterwards, the dispute had been well dealt with through her team, her coach and herself. "
But Wu Han also adds different management models should be adopted when it comes to managing different star athletes.
That was Xie Zhao with the report.

That's China Report - thank you, Jingnan
Don't forget you can find us on weibo: today_NEWS Plus.


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